Nerds Don’t Wolf Whistle: Part 2

Nerds undressed and plugged in!

When everyone around you is a nerd, you’re bound to catch nerditis. And there’s no known cure. Kipri discovers that when she moves back to her hometown of Toronto.

While she’s trying to make a big splash in her new job as a graphic designer at Sailor McCool, Kipri continues to warm up to her sexy smart coworkers with their labyrinthine mindsets, brain scorching rallies and Zen Garden of Delights. A promotion is in the offing, but so is a chance to go solo with her own company. All of which adds to her discombobulation as she tries to keep track of which way Cupid’s arrows are flying. And how many of them are coming from the direction of her sometime friend and lifelong rival, Vanessa, who holds a key to Kipri’s future through her past where her family awaits.

Kipri can feel the Fates steering her away from the World of Nerdom straight onto a collision course with everything from her past she was trying to escape when she ran away from home in her teens.

Maybe if she didn’t keep throwing away her good luck, Kipri could remain part of Nerdom so she could find out the identity of the cybergod, Phoebus, who seems to have a channel to her innermost thoughts. And what about the forbidden sex god with a starburst on his thigh? Who is he? Could he be the secret lover who writes a poem to her each day? Then there’s the wunderkind boss himself, Sailor. He’s so multilayered, she can’t fathom him. But things are heating up, including those pesky UFO sightings. Is everyone having her on, or are all these shenanigans a twist on the nerd makeover?

And just who are the nerds and who are the beauties?

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“Will you
like the stars
be there for me
till I die
then abandon
me forever?”

“With one look you
arouse, lure, capture,
pierce, sting,
singe, inflame,
move and know me.”