Nerds Don’t Wolf Whistle: Part 1

Snooty rivals, burnt bridges and sexy nerds!

Kipri kept thanking her lucky star that she had the life she always wanted, with a dream job as a graphic designer and the love of a good man who was talking marriage.

But as Kipri reaches for the gold ring, her job vanishes, and the life she had built with David gets mangled by the Fates that drag her back to the place and people she ran away from as a teen.

Back in Toronto where she started, with nothing but burnt bridges and failed relationships behind her, Kipri is determined not to escape into her past, resurrect it or bury it. But then her childhood nemesis and arch rival, the snooty maddening Vanessa, pops up to make mischief in Kipri’s life. Again.

Kipri tries to adapt to her new job at Sailor McCool, a leading edge design company. But before she gets her bearings, the baby-faced wunderkind behind the company puts her on termination notice. No wonder! The Fates had plunked her down in the midst of a dazzling array of nerds. What with technowienies, digerati whizz-fizzes, UFO sightings, haunted Storm Rooms, tutti-frutti secret lovers, goodies galore, Ketchup Days and Zen sex gods with evocative starbursts on their thighs! At first, she finds a nerd or two interesting, then another few sort of look attractive, until finally she says, “If he’s a nerd, then the sexiest man alive is a nerd.”

Join Kipri in her whacky, intriguing adventure in the World of Nerdom as she ventures to save her job by landing a big account and the man of her dreams.

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“Seduced by the naked truth”

“I believed he was a safe, transparent, reliable wonk who would love me the way I needed him to and who never got it wrong because he never knew what love was until I taught him. But he was dangerous because he was a fully dimensional life-force sailing away with my heart.”

“Interesting how much can happen in fifteen minutes,” he said while cuddling his cell before putting it to sleep against his heart. Who knows, decoded, his words could mean, “Zowie! 0001010, Babe, the way you look tonight fries my motherboard!”