Zombie for Lunch

“Something unearthly is happening, and before long everyone on earth is going to have to choose who they’re going to trust, because their life is going to depend on making the right choice. I choose you. Who are you going to choose?” he said.

She wasn’t ready to choose, although she knew she had to.

“The sky is sunrise orange, you’d think it was still early morning. It’s shimmering from pink to gold in the most exquisite way, like the whole sky has come alive. How could something so beautiful be so creepy?”

“It’s not the light of a lingering sunrise, Skyla. It’s the light of a setting sun, of something crucial being extinguished.”

“You’re right, Blue, the sun’s retreating… The boundaries are gone. Where are the boundaries?”

“We’re gonna have to create our own.”

“Right. But can we… Will we get our sun back when we rid ourselves of the evil? I remember when the sky was blue and the future was before us instead of behind us.”

“Surely you can see that’s how they win, Skyla? Getting you to defeat yourself by burying your strength of character, your strength of will deep inside your fear.”

From a distance, they could have been any two people sharing thoughts that belonged only to them. But they were two strangers huddled together in a storm that was tearing their lives asunder and turning their world a hateful orange.

“This creepy orange light is causing the trees to shed their leaves, cones, berries, fruit. Their life. I’ve been seeing this disaster happening wherever I’ve gone in the city. Look round you, everything is sparse, yellow.”

“Dying. This is megadeath to please who? What? Why? Nothing intelligent, healthy or sane.”

“It’s like the planet and every living thing on it has gone past its expiry date.”

“Including us.”

“Especially us.”

The creatures with fake brains were infecting the planet.

Ready or not, this was a fight to the death.

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“Watcha think this is? A shootout at O.K. Corral where we take turns tattooing each other in the back with bullets?”

“In a split second, they were transformed into pure thought. A decisive thought that moved matter by exploding into action.”