Cooking a Zombie: Turn Up Heat

“What do zombies want?” Walt said.

“They want us to be as alive as they are,” Lena said. “I’ve come to believe that denying their existence is an open invitation to devour us.”

When Lena and Walt welcome Maisie, a quiet, unassuming, helpful starveling into their lives, they learn the hard way that everything about the appearance Maisie projects is nothing but false advertising to trick anyone foolish enough to be seduced by what she seems to be offering.

Lena and Walt see the whites of their enemy’s eyes before they learn that trying to get rid of this demon with the innocent, woe-begotten eyes, is a fight unto death. Not exactly a fair fight, considering that their opponent can’t be killed because she’s already dead.

Why was Maisie targeting them? What did she have to gain besides their destruction? They were just ordinary people like any other couple who work hard for what they have. Yet Maisie’s entrance into their lives is a time of reckoning. A time for death to show its face. Is there no way out? No way to rid themselves of the evil they have welcomed into their lives?

The race is on to find the right weapons, with Maisie gaining on them as she dismantles their lives one piece at a time.

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“Evil dwells in…”

“There are all kinds of ways of being both dead and alive. The zombie way is winning.”

“We must not let the tyranny of evil frighten us into giving up on life and love.”